Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thoughts on Shots

It used to be that every family planned on losing at least one child to a childhood disease. Some families escaped that devastation, but even if a child didn't die, the children were likely very, very sick. My grandmother lost a baby to disease and she would get tears in her eyes, even as an old lady, when she talked about it.

"One medical method by which acquired immunity is conferred is inoculation. The term inoculate is fascinating. It comes from two Latin roots: in, meaning “within”; and oculus, meaning “an eye.” The verb to inoculate, therefore, literally means “to put an eye within”—to monitor against harm." Russell M. Nelson, MD.

My sweet, fat, happy baby had another dose of her shots today. She put up quite a revolt, but, as much as we all hate to see our babies sad and hurting, at least I know that she has, literally, an "eye within."

And, just to make sure this post is as controversial as possible, I also have my babies in a hospital, use disposable diapers, and have never purchased an essential oil.

Yes, I homeschool. That'll teach you to stereo-type!


  1. can SEW!!

    You CRAZY homeschoolers!!

  2. Crazy homeschoolers...

    ok, so immunizations are crazy- it is really an interesting topic to study. If you study the opposing view, you will come across some stories that make you go, "hmmmmm...really?....oh, well that makes sense" But when it all comes down to it- I feel we should give shots to our children. It is just a better risk than the real risk...but still risky- but I also believe that the ingredients in the shots are funky...and should change. There was a movement a little while ago called 'green our vaccines' and I thought it was a pretty cool idea- but I wasn't an advocate or whatever...didn't march on capitol hill or anything-

    and then there are the flu shots...which I sort of disagree with- just because our bodies are designed to fight off the flu...and plus it is impossible to vaccinate against all the virus strands that exist out there- that is why you always hear, "didn't you get the flu shot?" while puking your brains out.

    But then again...what about those elderly and infants that get too sick to get better from the flu...I still don't give my babies the flu shot though- and what about the chicken pox vaccine these days- now you have to give your child the vaccine because the chances of your child getting it is a lot less BECAUSE of the vaccine and if you get it in adulthood it could be fatal-

    can you just let our immune systems do their job?...but I am however grateful for the big vaccines- like polio and such...and it has been a miracle what is happening over in Africa right now with malaria- the children are smiling as they line up to get the shots. So in this case the vaccination process is a true miracle and gift to mankind...

    so it is an interesting topic- both sides shouldn't be ignored.

    oh and you should really try Melaleuca oil- 1 part to 5 parts olive oil- MIRACLE oil- drop it in their ears and never an ounce of antibiotics again- great for ear infections, burns, cuts, eczema, rashes- essential for the 72 hour kit if anything. Oh it is also known as Tea Tree Oil

  3. Surprisingly brief comment today - I am grateful for disposable diapers & shots - especially the flu shot which has nothing to do with throwing up.

    Hope your baby is back to her adorable bouncy self soon - love to see pics of her every time.

  4. maybe I don't know what the flu is? I thought it was when you throw the 24 hour flu? I'm sure there is the fever, sore throat type stuff...but don't you throw up sometimes? I guess I don't know because whenever anyone is sick in the house I just figure, "whatever it is, give it a couple days- it will be over soon" and it is.

    I have talked to several people (my husband included) who got the "flu" even though they had their shot for the season. Never makes sense to me.

    Chay's work gives the flu shot to their employees every year- so he gets the shot and we always have to wonder when he is down for three days. I get nothing more than a scratch in the throat- and then I drink a couple quarts of my green drink- and I'm good to go. Haven't been sick for years- and with MS that is quite the accomplishment...

    oh and I use disposable diapers.

    and I've never made homemade bread.

    and I don't homeschool...

  5. FWIW.....

    The influnzae shot is a best guess on the most recent strain's 10 or 20 most likely mutations for the coming year. So far we've been right on the mutation patterns. How will we know when we got it wrong? Well....

    Try healthy 20 year old men dropping like flies (see Flu Epidemic of 1918). You can only guess what would happen to the elderly and the young. One of my professors once told us we are "long overdue" for a devastating flu pandemic. That's an uplifitng thought.

    The excipients in vaccinations are just as harmful/ benign as the excepients in other medications. People have adverse reactions to just about anything. Your genes have a lot to do with it.

    As far as vaccinations = autism, the research says the following:

    No correlation has been found, zilch, zero, nada. But the media does not know how to interpret statistical data so they cause an uproar. One must look "inside" the numbers for the dull boring facts.

  6. Are you trying to put science in its rightful place? LOL

    what, do you think you are some pharmacist or something? LOL

    Emily this is your fault- why did you have to write about something so controversial? LOL

    I'm not a scientist, but I am a thinker.

    I think this is why you just go with your gut on some things...and my gut tells me, that regardless the risk, it is more important to vaccinate your children than not. So I do. I spread out the schedule a little- but I do.

    But I find it curious that intermountain healthcare here in Utah revised their vaccinations and made sure none of them were made with mercury anymore- and I know I know- you're thinking- "oh no not another mercury fear monger" but when you're diagnosed with a disease that no one has any answers start to look at alternative theories...and those remarkable stories you hear of symptom free patients over and over again- it makes you wonder...

    Now you can understand that right?

    plus in the last 2 years I have been to 2 dentists. One dentist told me I was ignorant for believing mercury fillings were hard on the body and the other Dentist totally completely agreed mercury can cause certain neurological effects on a person. Interestingly enough he told me this after he had supported the fact that mercury fillings are the strongest most enduring filling- compared to the white stuff (I wonder what's in the white stuff???)

    I think there is truth in many areas. That is why I always gravitate towards doctors that have their MD but combine their medical school knowledge with alternative medicine- best of both worlds.

    I have never come to a full on decision on whether or not autism is caused by is too vague. Like stated, not enough medical/scientific evidence. But pushing vaccinations aside, why is there an outbreak in autism? Why have the numbers of cases tripled in the last 10 years? Is it because these children were just not being diagnosed properly 10 years ago? What is happening? It is intriguing to study and to question and formulate ideas and theories- that is how things get solved in this world. And if you actually had a son diagnosed with Autism, wouldn't you do anything and everything you could to help him? I think that is why there are "mercury fear mongers" or "anti-yeasters candida freaks" and "tree huggers herbal queens" out there because the medical field has failed them or a loved one.

    ...and you can't always trust scientists and their motive. Ok, ok, maybe I have seen "The Fugitive" too many times- but I just think of power, money, and industry, and politics behind prescription drugs and the pharmaceutical companies- I know they provide a lot of good life saving medications- but Fen Phen comes to mind...and it seems like whenever I watch TV there is some lawyer commercial saying, "if you ever took this drug in 1992 and had this complication, you are qualified to be compensated from this lawsuit....blah blah..." so as a thinker, I think, "how did this happen? What is going on?"

    When my neurologist told me to take copaxin every day for the rest of my life and if I didn't the chances are high I would be in a wheelchair by age 30...I went home and did research. Many patients on copaxin stated they felt sick 3-5 days out of the week- some doctors didn't recommend getting pregnant, others did- some said the long term effects of the drug have not yet been determined for it was still relatively that is when I decided maybe it wasn't worth it. Quality of life verses quantity type stuff....lucky for me I feel great. I have searched and researched and I follow a pattern of health that seems to be right for me. No wheelchair yet. Maybe in years to come. But I am grateful my babies are safe in the womb and that I don't feel nauseous 3-5 days a week. For me, personally, medications didn't feel like the right choice.

    ok- well thanks for the open debate...I'm done now.

    Just trying to make a point that we need to keep questioning...and never be settled.- It is our right to keep searching. It is the inquiring mind, the chaos of disagreements, checks and balances that solutions come to be-

  7. I agree that shots are wonderful. I make sure my kids get them. And I have a midwife...wo who's the crazy one now?!