Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Unveiling

First, you must understand that I am an old lady at heart. Some people are still kids at heart, or 29 forever. Not me. I enjoy genealogy, I have a drippy nose, and marigolds and petunias fill out my flower beds. I can enter the newest, biggest, shiniest house with cut tile floors and granite counter tops and leave thinking, "Good for them. What a nice house." But, when I leave an old lady's house, I am a touch green; the old furniture, the antique bedstead, the timeless light fixtures, the homemade touches lovingly added over the years (children's school projects, Great-Great-Grandma's quilt, crocheted doilies, waxed woodwork, etc).

Having said that, let me introduce you to The Reading Chair. It is brand new, but doesn't it look like it came from an Estate Sale? Don't you think I ought to learn how to tat a doily for the back and arms? I love the paisley, the greens, golds and salmon, the cushy comfort without looking like it belongs in the family room. I love how it looks different in the morning, mid-day and dark. The colors change according to the light.

The name? Oh, yes. I didn't want to tag it Mom's Chair, but I wanted it to feel special. After sitting in it several times over several days, I kept saying to the saleslady, "I want to pick up a book and read every time I sit here." Thus, it became The Reading Chair. Anyone can sit in it, but if you are under the age of 18, you must be reading.

It has worked so far.

And here, dear friends, is the sofa. I have to say, it feels a little weird to be showing it to you--kind of like showing you a spatula or sheets or a fancy new toothbrush. You need the things, but no one really cares what it looks like. Now, The Reading Chair is more than furniture, but the couch is just a place to put your fanny. I like it. I'm happy it is structurally sound, but, you know, it's a couch.

My friend, Amy, bought a new van recently. She said she thought it was kind of odd when people came up to "oooh" and "ahhh" about it. "It's just a van!" she exclaimed, incredulously.

Yeah, I kinda feel like that.


  1. I love your reading chair! The couch us nice too.

  2. it is just a couch but I have still been dying to see how that other one would be replaced. (:

  3. LOVE the "Reading Chair" idea, that's awesome, I may have to copy that one. And love your new couch, it's beautiful. Nice pickin's. :)

    By the way, if you get a minute would you send me your email address? to
    I just made my blog private and wanted to send you an invite.

  4. What a beautiful reading chair! I am hopelessly sentimental about old stuff too. You will love how easily the sofa cleans up. When I bought my new van (that's no longer new), I was excited that it was new but still said, "It's a van?!"

  5. I love your chair! I like the couch, too. But you are absolutely right, there is something completely fabulous about the chair. :)

  6. I love paisley.

    and the couch...oh my gosh- the last thing I would expect to see you buy. Especially after your "old lady" intro.

    That fancy black couch looks like it would be found in one of those "newest, biggest, shiniest house with cut tile floors and granite counter tops" type of homes.

    how much was that thing?

    From your blog and writings I would imagine you buying some thrift store find and then some upholstery material for a bargain price...and then you would let your mrs. fix it homemaking skills take over.

    I have really nice couches. I bought them used but they were never used. But I normally drape blankets over them during the day because they are microfiber (which cleans up nice) but still they seem to get trampled on...and who knows how long they will last-

    I have always wanted leather couches. I hear they are superior for little kids.

  7. oooh! aaaah! Ooh! Aah! I love your "old Soul."