Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Careful What You Say

Everyone who knows me or my family will testify that I have THE BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD! She really is that great.
But she has one itsy bitsy . . . um . . . issue.

Let me explain.

Four years ago, my husband and I decided that it would be in the best interests of our family if we sell our home, move 550 miles away from all friends and family, and begin college with aspirations of a career as a pharmacist. This did not sit well with Mother (though Father put in his own passionate dissuasion efforts) and she tried in multiple ways to keep her grandchildren near her. Having lost the battle, she is now brainwashing my pods.

This is a picture of my children soon after the big move. Our boy was talking on the phone to Grandma. After he hung up, he started hauling all of this equipment into the living room. Upon inquiry, I learned that Grandma explained the concept of "as the crow flies" to this imaginative and motivated child. My children were going to hike to Grandma's house. They would need a lot of food, camping gear and "good boots because there are a lot of rocks in the mountains." I didn't even try to explain that a seven, five and three year old could not go on an expedition by themselves. I called Grandma and let her explain her flawed discussion topic. It was a sad, sad day.

Once school is done, we could move anywhere. My dear companion and I will look at all options (including grandparent location), pray, discuss and decide on a location. This is not a wise option, in the eyes of my mother. She has decided to intervene--with the aforementioned brainwashing. Each time a child phones her, Mom talks to them about how fun it would be if we bought a lot adjoining hers and Papa's (my sister and her family live on the other side of my parent's home). She is planning on the power of pod puppy eyes as we parents weigh living options. She has three more years and she is working her tail off to achieve her goal. She can be irritatingly dogged.

Don't forget, Mom, I am a mother, too. I know what is going on. Mothers always know.

Hey, I just got this great idea! What if we bought that lot next door to you?!


  1. bwaahahahahaaaa-- a wicked laugh is heard over the network web...

  2. Spokane, Spokane, Spokane! (chanting) I like that idea! I have secret hopes of getting Abe & Betsy back here too, and you guys would be a great incentive! Think of the homeschool groups we could have!

  3. My parents gave up of us moving back to the Spokane so they will move whereever WE go!! Hooray! I guess it pays to be the favorite child.