Monday, April 13, 2009

The Egg Hunt

Waiting . . .

Go!Easter baskets have major design flaws. They are tipsy, too small, or too wide. Eggs slide out far too easily. Bags aren't good for egg hunts, either, because the openings are difficult to find and, if using a grocery bag, they tend to grow holes. I came up with a new plan this year. I cut holes in the lids of ice cream buckets. No egg was lost.
The park was cleared in 2.5 minutes. Literally. 2,100 plastic eggs, gone.

The loot.

That was a fun 15 minutes.


  1. I think your kids had more fun eating all of the icecream that came in the buckets. Is that how they got you?
    "Mom, we need more icecream, pod #3 needs an Easter bucket!"
    Future tip: My son can show you how to make them out of milk cartons. The parade season is coming up....

  2. The buckets took months to aquire. And, come on! Like I need anyone to beg to get more ice cream!:)