Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have watched this a couple of times now and cried both times. Such joy and the carefree happiness is needed right now. Plus, this is my long held dream: I want to be walking in a busy place (like a terminal) and be a part of this sort of thing. I LOVE PEOPLE. I love people.

Remember Enchanted in the park? Cried. Remember 13 Going on 30 at the party and Thriller comes on? Cried. I'm telling you. I'm a total boob for this song and dance business. Why don't we sing more? Why don't we dance more? Why are we shy or embarrassed to be too happy in a public place?

So, did you cry?

PS Get the kids


  1. it is funny...I totally cried. I have seen this on so many blogs this week- and I just get emotional. I cried at the park scene in Enchanted too.

    Joette and I were discussing this- I think it is just the "uniting" of people- people coming together that makes it so wonderful.

    I cry whenever there is "strength in numbers" like when a whole group of people say the pledge of Alegiance or when all the young women sing a song at girls camp- or when I saw 15-20 thousand people at the San Antonio Tea Party on TV...united in purpose- gives me the tears.

    I think I just bawled and bawled at the Creation. Everything coming together perfectly- everyone witnessing and maybe participating- I bet I could hardly hold it together.

  2. yes, yes! i totally cried. love it, emily! i think when you do the ballroom dancing for the youngsters you should have it start "spontaneously" like that when they perform.

  3. I cried...I totally cried. Thanks for sharing, I love musicals!

  4. Awesome! Makes me want to orchestrate something like this....kind of. My favorite part was Jack danding around the kitchen singing "La, te, fa, so, re." Pretty cute!

  5. I held strong till all of the children came in. My cheeks hurt from laugh/smiling for so long. I agree with Lisa; you should do something like this with the kids- but as a finale you should have the bishop start it. Can't you just see it?

  6. I did not cry at all... did not even come close... but I wasn't breathing. Did not breathe the entire 7 minute song... I just sat here with this HUGE grin and then I shouted "That was AWESOME!" We should ALL live in a brodway musical, shouldn't we?