Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Request For Advice

Do any of you have experience with Girl Scouts? I'm thinking about signing up my eight year old daughter, but don't know anything about it.

Thanks for any help you can give.



  1. I was a girl scout growing up.

    Too bad they don't have 4-H anymore? My mom said that she learned how to garden, sew, raise sheep, cook, can- all from 4-H. I wonder if Pocatello would be lucky enough to still have that program.

    I don't remember girl scouts being patriotic. Is it? I should google the program. Even though I was in it for so many years, I still remember the boy's scouts motto and not the girls.

    And the cookies...oh my gosh. I will not let my children knock on people's doors and ask them to buy the cookies- no matter how good the chocolate mint are.

    Last weekend I saw this mom and daughter at a really busy intersection holding a sign and waving to every car screaming, "come buy girl scout cookies" and I just felt stress...I looked over at Kenzie and said, "I will never do that for you, I am sorry- I will teach you how to make cookies and bring them over to the neighbor as a nice gesture...but I will never spend a saturday afternoon looking desperate on a intersection" ...

    girl scouts would be good for girls to meet other girls...and that is probably the most it would accomplish...that is my opinion. Maybe some skills- but probably the same skills you learn in girls camp certification or whatever...but still it is fun...I remember liking it.

  2. I don't know anything about it. But I can tell yoou I would absolutely order cookies from her.....numerous boxes of tagalongs, and samoas, and those delicious minty wafers. If you do sign her up, would you please send her to my door first?!

  3. I did Brownies when I was a young girl and it was okay. I don't have particularly good or bad memories of it. My sister-in-law, Melissa (Russell's wife) has done it with her daughters.

  4. They do have 4-H! I loved it as a kid and I am working on getting my kids involved! There is no "uniform" for 4-H.

  5. Wow, so glad I asked. I think I will look into 4-H. Thanks, everyone (including those who commented by e-mail).