Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I fear I have been a little unfair to this tiny baby. You see, I've written of how the fifth baby has thrown me for a loop, how she is high maintenance, how she is needy. I'm afraid that I have spoken and written this way too often. In my efforts to be honest, I think I was unfair. She isn't only those things. She is also funny and sweet and beautiful and happy. She also sings and makes baby-sized jokes (blowing raspberries after unlatching from her food source . . . then laughing in my milk-splattered face). She is a delight to the older siblings and her chubby, soft skin is irresistible.
Just wanted to clear that up.
Besides, what would I do without her neck? I must nuzzle at least once a day.


  1. She is so beautiful!!! Wish I could squish those darling cheeks - lucky you!

  2. Our number 5 is 7 months old now. I totally get it. All of it.