Tuesday, May 26, 2009


After a month with no camera, I finally got a new one yesterday. It is an inexpensive one (even though I want a very expensive one) but I still need to get the software downloaded and learn how to transfer pictures. We missed a dance recital, a birthday, a couple of hikes, a Webelos Badge ceremony and lots of Kodak moments. It is amazing what happens in a month.

Oh, well. We will now have a camera for the baby's 1st birthday (!!), camping trips, family reunions, the 4th of July and happy faces.

Today, however, I will be conquering the laundry. . . again . . . still.


  1. Congratulations on getting a camera! Sometimes I think I want a big expensive one, but I would just drop it in the river or get sand in it at the beach or all the other ways I have lost cameras. Good luck on your laundry - my kids are old enough that we've instituted a Do Your Own Laundry schedule. I still have to heavily supervise but they are not throwing the clean clothes back in with the dirty anymore. (AMAZING)

  2. That is exactly what my laundry room looked like this morning--I only have two loads left and it's 5:oo- looks like another all day laundry day--it may even trickle into tomorrow! =) -or maybe even the day after that!

  3. Always and forever. Laundry that is.

  4. i think it looks like a ice cream cone and laundry ice cream