Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How In the World?

Bill Cosby tells a fabulous story of coming home one day to be greeted by a fuming wife. "Go upstairs and kill that boy!" she demands. Bill goes upstairs to his son's bedroom and finds his son sulking on his bed. He has a reverse Mohawk. That's right; he has shaved the top of his head and left the hair long on the sides and back. Bill goes through the regular questions any detective might ask, "What happened to your hair?"

The boy, "I don't know."

Dad, "Put your hand on your head. What do you feel?"

Boy, "No hair."

"Right! What happened to your hair?"

"I don't know."

"Son, was your head with you all day today?"
I know my parts were all with me all day and all of my parts have been with me for many days, yet I cannot explain the bruises on the top of my shoulder, my ankle, and my shoulder blade. I cannot explain a cut just below my knee and the scratch on my neck. How does one have an injury that draws blood and have zero recollection of any incident that may have, in fact, drawn that blood?

Maybe I need to have a neurological evaluation. I may be losing it. Your kid is not the only one with brain damage, Mr. Cosby.


  1. Emily--you are so funny. I wish we lived close, but at last we can live a little closer in the blog world! And btw, I am so glad that other people are conquering laundry piles like that too!

  2. I love Cosby's other famous line: "Parents are not interested in justice! They are interested in QUIET!"

    I know what you mean, though. Occasionally, U-Dad will ask, "How did you get *that* bruise on your leg?" When I tell him I've no idea, he says, "man, I'd *still* be talking about how much that one hurt. How can you not know???"

    You don't have brain damage. You're probably just really freakin' busy!