Friday, May 15, 2009

Little Things

"It's Monday?!!!" comes pealing through the house as the garbage truck pulls slowly to a stop at the neighbor's driveway. Several members of the household race out the back door, one with one shoe, another with hair half brushed. We kids know when there is an emergency; it doesn't matter what we are doing, in an emergency, we run! We each grab one side of the very heavy metal contraption my dad welded together to house the garbage cans. There were two cans for our large household, which by garbage day have been jumped on multiple times to make room for as many eggshells and old newspaper, used napkins and empty Downy bottles, burnt toast and graded homework as possible. Heaving with all of our might, our seven, nine and eleven year old bodies wheel the full containers to the end of the driveway, arriving just as the garbage man jumps off of his little platform on the side of the truck. Phew! We made it! We stand and watch as our used-up and worn-out are tossed into the gaping trunk of the garbage truck. Then, the best moment, the moment which makes all of our hustle and bustle worth it, the garbage man pulls the lever. We stare, open mouthed as the revolving metal hatch swings down, scraps the bottom of the bin and pulls our left-overs away into the vast hidden compartment never to be seen again. The three of us go back to the now empty, beat-up cans. The youngest hitches a ride on the much lighter bin-mobile as the two others push and shove the cart back to it's waiting place by the back stoop. Oh, will we ever remember garbage day?

In the approximately 592 weeks since my husband has been responsible for getting garbage out on garbage day he has only forgotten twice. This is just one way in which my life is better because of my good man.

The Mothership

PS Since you asked, here are a few more:
  • He cleans the bathtub--a difficult task for a woman who is usually pregnant.
  • He goes to bed before I do so the sheets are warm.
  • He eats everything I make sans comments like, "This is not my favorite food" or "Is there anything else?" or "I hate this." He also avoids flopping his head onto his hands and sobbing because the meal I just spent hours preparing included vegetables.
  • He lets me go on and on about my constant planning.
  • He takes the car to the shop and is willing to make the sometimes requested noises that help answer the question, "What is it doing?" You know the "guu fa gump gump" or the "psssat psssat shk-k-k-k."
  • He never laughs at me or my crazy schemes.


  1. I love reading everything you write - it is so poetic. And I love the new look of your blog.

  2. Oooh, very nice new layout! I am assuming you sewed the girls' new Easter dresses? They are adorable- simple and classy.

  3. What a kind and generous and creative man your father is! I recall dragging 40+ nasty, stinky, dripping bags to the curb. So if at that point they didn't compact the garbage you REALLY felt jipped.

  4. I thought today was garbage day. I left a hungry 2 year old at the storm door, a very wet diapered 6 month old in her exersaucer, ran outside to our garbage can that was not only packed with our weeks worth of trash...but also a couple thousand pounds of yard trash. I rolled the beast to the curb....without a bra!!!!!....hoping the neighbors were not watching my well endowed self....and me wondering why only one of my neighbors had their can out on the curb. Sheesh! Tomorrow is garbage day. I do not know why my sleepy self didn't trust my hubby to get the garbage out.

  5. The heavy metal contraption saved my sanity... 2 neighbor dogs routinely attacked and knocked over our cans and then would spread the garbage all thru the neighborhood. I was very glad for my husband...