Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wanted: An Engineering Genius

I have an infant car seat; backwards only, removable carrier, plugs into the stroller, much heavier than a postpartum mother is supposed to lift.
I also have two convertible car seats that can be buckled into the vehicle facing either forward or backward. Large, bulky, holds a child up to thirty pounds.
I have two booster seats that have the three-point buckle option. They have cup holders. The three-point buckle can be removed with the purpose of growing with the child. At this point, the child can use the shoulder belt that hooks into the latch that makes the shoulder strap lay across the child's shoulder instead of their cheek bone.I also have two backless booster seats that are meant solely for older children to use with the shoulder belt. My seven-seater van has a person to fill each seat belt. The car seats are wider than most adult bums which makes buckling between boosters a task for elastigirl.

I am a big proponent of car seats. I NEVER break the rules (no nursing on long trips, no "it's just around the corner", etc) and have heart palpitations if I find that I accidentally forgot to buckle one pod or another. Why, however, do I need to have seventeen car seats? Each is so specific for the children's needs and sizes.

Someone please come up with a better system.
You would have my undying love. Forever.
Raw Knuckle Sue


  1. Hey! I know an engineering genuis. Perhaps this is the idea that'll make us rich!!

  2. Wouldn't it be cool if a minivan was like a ride at Six Flags? Everyone sit in your seats, move back, & the belts magically come down & strap 'em in???

  3. Ohhh! Jenna, I love this idea. Put Scott to work . . .

  4. Which is precisely why I was born in the year that I was born... Heavenly Father KNEW I would not be able to work the gosh darn things.

  5. They do have minivans with built in booster car seats- they are wonderful for 12 months and up.

    I forked out a little more up front and bought the seats that are for infants to 100 lbs. So far so good. Only one seat from the beginning. My babies get so heavy so fast that those little infant seats are only good for a month or so...and then I pull my back out treking around with them...1 seat wonder.

    we will see what happens when Kenzie is over 100lbs or we have to squeeze another car seat in the back...hmmmm