Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Difference Between Boys and Girls

My son is at Cub Scout Day Camp today. I still have four children here at the homestead, but it is plain that something is missing. You see, it is quiet.

From his earliest days, he has shown a great aptitude for noise. He does not know how to walk through the house. He bounces, skips, and flops his way about. He takes stairs two at a time while slapping the walls the whole way. He taps his fingers or feet, drums his chest and legs, and hums; always hums. He cannot move about with finesse--he must take a running leap to achieve Destination: Couch.

Why do I ache when I think of him metamorphosing into a man? I need my noisy boy.


  1. You know...I love READING your posts. Sometimes my friends have long worded posts...and I mostly skip through them and look at the pictures. But, there is something about the way you write that makes me read the entire thing!!! You should be a columnist or something. You have time for an extra job, right?....I'd buy a subscription to your paper. :o)

  2. I COMPLETELY understand! When Clark is away I might as well be home alone.
    As for Clark's surprise-- we did the party over a week early to throw him off the scent.