Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home Maker

I've been away from my home for ten days. That is a long time for me. We purchased our home nearly four years ago--and it needed us. We have put in a lot of time, elbow grease and thought into making it a comfortable, workable home. When I wander through my house after having been gone for so long a time, I notice things I hadn't for a while. It is an inviting place, I think.

My job is home maker. I love that title. The job of protecting the family is often relegated to the husband and father. I agree with that arrangement, but there is also a great deal of protecting that I do as his help meet. When anyone enters my home, whether it is one of my children or someone I have never met, above all else, I want them to feel that they have come to a refuge. Here, I can protect inhabitants from the world; here, I can fill their bellies with familiar food, cover them with a hand made afghan, and warm their hands and hearts; here, even those who are unused to feeling the presence of our Father, will feel him near.

So, though I can use power tools and bookkeeping software and surgical tape, my favorite tool is love. I am a home maker. My furniture may be worn, there will likely be piles of laundry awaiting attention and my sink is rarely empty, but when you come to visit, I hope you will want to stay. I hope that you will love being here and maybe not be able to quite put your finger on what it is about this place that makes you love it. And I hope that you will come back.

As my children say whenever answering the door, "Welcome to my home."

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  1. Hi. Just came over from Pioneer Woman. Your comment about having two retarded brothers intrigued me. I'd love to hear how that affected you. I love it when Ree writes about Mike.

    Your children are beautiful! And I like your writing. I've never been much of a homemaker, but I admire people like you so much.

    Drop over to my blog sometime and say hello.

    Okie Book Woman