Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If I Weren't So Converted . . .

I am a Christian, but if I weren't, I think I'd join one of those ancestors=gods religions.

Most of my traits come from my parents, grandparents and so forth. I love to read and garden. My mom loves those things. She learned to love reading from her mother and she from her mother. Who can tell how far back that trend goes. The other day I wanted to take a red pen to a sign that read, "So who do I do the work for?" Really. No one could proof read before posting it all over town? The grammar thing comes from my Grandpa. I especially like the Make it do line in the Depression Era adage:
Use it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or do without.

I think that comes from a lot of my progenitors, but specifically from my dad's father--whom I never met, his having passed away before I was born--because Grandpa Gene passed down his resourcefulness to my dad.

What else? How about my eye for color, my messy house, my joy in mothering, my back-talking, my freckles, my love of lightening storms and my thirst for knowledge? All from my parents and grandparents. Some of it is genetic, some of it is taught, but I am so thankful for what they each contributed.

What religion would you choose, if you weren't so sure that yours was true?


  1. I'm not so sure about an alternative religion, but I do know that if I could pick any other culture to be a part of, I would be a HUGE polynesian woman living on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean. I would eat roasted pig and wear a moo-moo every day.

  2. um...well I know my religion is true...very much converted I'd say....

    but I studied world religions in college and I became seriously so intrigued with eastern religions- Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism,- man I had to spell check some of those...

    and I think the culture of their belief system is so much cooler than our culture- I live in the jello mormon belt and so I live in a meat and potato, big house, too busy, competitive, big degree, nice car, boob job type culture that has nothing to do with reflection of the inner self, becoming one with God's design, slowing down, letting go of "being the best"- which is basically the teachings of many eastern religions..

    plus out of Hinduism comes yoga...which is fascinating to me because I feel it is an exercise that really focuses on the connection between spirit and body...and as mormons we believe the body houses the spirit and yet if you are into meditating, yoga, mind body spirit type stuff you are sort of considered coo coo...

    It wasn't until I studied eastern religions that I learned to surrender my will my to Lord and to let go of self control...controlling my actions always made me upset and mad at myself when I failed...but surrendering and letting go was a major first step in understanding the Atonement for me.

    ok I didn't mean to write so much...


    Sometimes I am like my parents. My pride issues and temper remind me of my dad and I laugh and talk like my mom...but I never knew any of my grandparents and thank goodness I didn't. They were messed up. I would be depressed knowing I was like them in some way...I did know my dad's mom...and she sat in front of the TV her last 15 years of life and she never liked the grandkids- we were too loud and noisy.

    I am more into reversing the vicious cycle. Noticing trends in the generations of my family and doing everything possible to change it...sounds bad I know... but my mom came from a broken link family and my Dad's family was just plain lost in carelessness...my mom was the pioneer...if anything was passed down it would be that I would probably be on anti depressants and a alcoholic if I didn't have the gospel.

    and people always ask Keith, Joette and I where we got our music abilities..."No one" I think it is because Mom took us to church every Sunday and we just really enjoyed singing time...nothing inherited from family...

    oh dear -thank you Emily for asking such a though provoking question....LOL...