Monday, June 29, 2009

My Pods

I have nothing really great to say about this photo, I just needed to post it. I asked a new mom the other day, "Did you have any idea you could fall that in love with a little person?" I'm not sure that I comprehended that size/depth/magnitude of affection until I began raising my family. When we were expecting that first bundle, there was no shortage of advice givers: "Kids are so much work" and "(not the cheerful, but the sarcastic) Good Luck!" and "Oh, boy. Are you ready for this?" and "It is the hardest thing you'll ever do" and et cetera. There was one who said, "You'll have never had so much fun."

Motherhood is demanding, it is relentless, it is exhausting, and it is, in fact, the hardest thing I've ever done.

But it is also the most fun, the most rewarding, the most joyful.

(In a moment of full disclosure, I am choosing to ignore the whining, the laundry, the mess, the pleas for water/candy/their own bedroom, the bodily fluids and the crying/fighting/teasing. You, beloved readers, see the sweet moment captured in time, when they are all smiling, pleased with their siblings and laying in the grass on a perfect summer day. You are welcome. (:)


  1. All that I can say are what a bunch of cutie-patooties! Darling children.

  2. That is a precious photo. There are a few pictures of my people that I think capture how I feel about them and motherhood. Surely this will be one of those for you.

  3. Awesome picture! You need to have that framed somewhere so you can always look at it and remember this time. It is hard, but it is wonderful, isn't it?

  4. You don't have to say anything great about the picture... the picture says it all! It's perfect.