Friday, June 19, 2009

One of the Reasons I Need Him

I think we choose our spouses for many reasons, not the least of which is that they often have talents which we lack. Take my marriage, for instance. I would have struggled with orange juice for the rest of my life, had I not chosen my man.

Just about the time my mom was finished making breakfast, she would call one of her children into the kitchen. "Please make the orange juice," she would assign. Out of the freezer came the frozen concentrate. The chosen child would peel the sealing tab off and pry the lid from the cardboard tube. Then, squeezing and digging, pounding and wresting with the compacted concoction, one worked until the concentrate evacuated it's cylindrical home. Add the three measures of water. Use a spatula or knife, cut the concentrate into smaller frozen bits then upgrade to the potato masher. Beat away at the smaller bricks until they are roughly the size of large gumballs. Pull out the next tool: a wooden spoon. Alternate smashing the pieces against the sides of the pitcher and stirring vigorously until there are no concentrate remains; all is reconstituted and the drink can be served. **Whew**

My husband changed everything the first time we made breakfast together. At the beginning of the breakfast preparation, he put the frozen concentrate into hot water. Within 10-15 minutes (the time it takes to cook breakfast) the frozen . . . thawed. It slid easily out of it's happy cardboard home into the awaiting pitcher. He added water then used the hand blender to mix thoroughly into a frothy, sweet, nutritious and delicious beverage.

Thank you, my dear. You've changed my life.

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  1. How funny is it that families do things so differently? Glad you found your man. :)