Sunday, July 12, 2009


Friday night, for reasons I won't go into here, we had to go camping. The problem was that Dad had to work both days so he couldn't join the other six of us. Now, I grew up camping and we camp frequently as a family, so I didn't think it would be too difficult. Though there was a bit of this, we did fine--great, actually. The children were cooperative, the weather was perfect, and the time frame was right. Though I came home quite tired, I never lost my cool and no one had an injury that needed more than a bandaid. Success.
Today, I took my five pods to church, again without Dad because of work. We go to church every week. You would think they understood the ropes (sit still, listen to the service, read approved reading materials, write or draw, play quietly with the Little People dolls, don't lay on the pew with your feet in the air--underwear blazing, refrain from pulling hair, stealing pencils, crawling under the pew to the funny and irreverent grandpa behind you, crying or whimpering with any kind of volume, sticking your finger up the sleeping baby's nostril, biting your sisters' finger "to see what she would do," tearing the hymn book, yanking on, and breaking, Mom's beaded necklace, et cetera).

May I say, in this safe environment, it was MUCH easier taking them camping than it was to sit in church for an hour and a half.


  1. You are very brave!!! We go to church most Sundays alone, and though my boys are older, it is still a struggle some weeks. We don't have a problem with underwear-blazing though. :)

  2. Sometime you'll have to tell me the reasons you HAD to go camping alone with five children!!
    You are my hero!!!!!!
    Faith had to be "taken out of church", if you know what I mean-- this past Sunday. She was denied getting to sit with her favorite family--not ours.
    That being said, I still think church is easier now than it was with one or two. Ahh, perspective.