Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting My Hopes Up

Every summer since 1999, my parents have gone on a two to four week motorcycle tour of different parts of the US and Canada. They call it their Three Week Hug (Mom doesn't drive, she rides). I used to live about ten minutes away from their house and so visited regularly. I absolutely love my parents.

Last night, I was weeding my flower beds and had my back to the road. I heard the distinctive sound of a Harley roaring down the street. It made me smile, as I thought of my parents on their road trip. I hope they are having a good time, I thought. Then, the Harley began to slow down right in front of my house! I jumped up, heart fluttering, thinking my parents were surprising us (they have never done this)! As I turned, I saw a 62 year old man with a gray beard, split in the middle, with the wind blowing it over his shoulders, pulling up to the neighbor's house.
Miss you, Mom and Dad. See you in August!


  1. I'm sorry you had that momentary disappointment. I think a motorcycle trip sounds like so much fun.

  2. Remember......Betsy's Alternate-reality-life is being a Harley-Driving-Member of a biker gang.

    I would only see her if for some strange reason she decided to come down to the beach (in Hawaii) in all of her black leather....and ask about the Super-Surfer-Beach-Dude which would be me.