Thursday, July 30, 2009


There is a Little House on the Prairie episode where Charles re-soles the girls' shoes to make them last through the winter. Another example of why I wish I were Charles or Caroline.

Today, though I caught a great sale, used coupons, bought clearance when possible and sent in my rebate as soon as I stepped in the door, I had to cut off one of my arms--above the elbow--to buy shoes and socks for most of my family. They are like light bulbs; they all go out at once.

For those of you who will be seeing my children in their new shoes, let me explain. Yes, I do buy name brand tennis shoes. There have been times when I haven't and I've always regretted it. Shoes get heavy wear, kids play hard, and nothing is more infuriating then having to replace shoes within the same quarter of the year. The cheap brands are fine for sandals and slippers, but for church shoes and tennis shoes, it is worth it to pay a little more and have them last exponentially longer.

And, just for the record, my son picked his shoes. I did not pick his shoes. He did. Please be patient with his fashion sense.


  1. Congratulations on the new shoes! I agree with the name-brand shoe idea.

    My kids are burning through shoes so fast that I can't keep up. I just bought them shoes & already their feet have grown a size. I think I am going to be the shortest one in the family soon.

  2. I agree with the strategy. I think I spent all of $3 on each pair of flip flops this year. After a month-long road-trip around the desert, they look like hell. Yep, definitely got our $3 worth. But sneakers for soccer? A few more than $3 are called for.

    And I've thought of doing a post dedicated to how I've read the LHP books to U-Kid 1 and know in my heart of hearts that I would have never made it back then!!! Those folks were amazing!