Thursday, July 16, 2009


When we were expecting our third child, I was especially thrilled that it was another girl because it meant a sister for our second child. I think women need each other more than men need each other. Not that men don't need friends--they do--it's just that men need each other in a different way. Men do (golf, mountain bike, hunt, go to a movie). Women, on the other hand, need sisters with whom they can share (philosophy, recipes, ideas, frustrations, information). Of course there are exceptions, but that is the basic experience I have had in my life.

Since moving away from my mother's other daughter, I have fallen into a wonderful group of sisters and I must introduce you.

Vanessa. Vanessa is that woman who can do everything well. I know you think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. To list some of the everything: triathlons, quilts, super clean house, piano, patient mothering, and the reading of the classics with her book club each month. You'd love to hate her, but then she is so wonderful that you find it impossible.
Then there is Candee. Candee has a graduate degree in Chemistry. She's kinda dumb, but we don't hold it against her. Just kidding, Candee!! This is the most organized woman you'll meet. There isn't an activity in our town but that Candee has the information and a schedule for you.

Vanessa, Candee and I were the co-founders of our little book club.
Next is beautiful Tiffany. Tiffany manages to be gentle and kind while having and standing up for her strong opinions. She likes to throw you for a loop; for instance, she seems like the type who would love soft things like french poetry, but has a degree in biology--you know, fungus and bugs and eyeballs and other yechy, gechy stuff.

Oh, Becky. Becky likes to tell people that she is crazy (not the I'm-crazy-for-having-so-many-kids kind, but the doctor-confirmed-it kind of crazy), but the truth is, everyone adores her and her craziness. We appreciate her straight talk, her easy laugh, her non-judgmental style, and her overwhelming love for others. Becky makes us all feel welcomed into her world.

Tami is our stable, sees-it-like-it-is person. She can draw concise conclusions while the rest of us (especially me) are confounded. She can do anything with paper or material and has been published several times for her abilities. Also, Tami is wise.

There are a few others (my camera didn't come through with their photos) and some who have moved away. We have some who come every once in a while and some who promise they will come some day. Our discussions are lively and we don't have a problem with contradicting another's insight. A book that one woman LOVES, another HATES. That is my second favorite part of our book club.
The first favorite thing is the sisterhood. I love these women. I learn something new each time we meet.
Who are your sisters?

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  1. Goodness Emily, I just need to live near to you! I love our book club too--one that my friend and I started. Women of all ages have joined, there are 7 of us that are the good old stand-bys....others come and go. I love those SISTERS. You are such a kindred friend......I love your writing, and love reading about your life!