Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Someday House Library

My husband has three more years of pharmacy school. The way I see it, that means I have three years to plan the perfect house.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am enamored with small houses--super small. But the reality is that I will never have fewer than five children. Their bodies will grow larger and their music louder. The showers and the study time will be longer and the amount of food consumed (and thus prepared) will increase. I still want a small house, but maybe not super small. Maybe just less than 2000 square feet rather than less than 1000.

Because our home is also school, one of the rooms I dream about is the library. The walls will be lined with books, there will be a ladder because how cool would that be and there will be a long, sturdy table in the center of the room for spreading out papers or maps or time lines.

I want the shelves interspersed with small reading areas, each with good lighting, a comfortable chair and a small table. There will be window seats that look out on a private garden--something hidden from the rest of the garden--where birds will bathe and quiet flowers, like lily of the valley, will bloom. It will be the kind of garden that invites fairies. I imagine moments of reading when you see movement out of the corner of your eye, convinced you just saw a faun slipping behind the trees.

The library will have fine art (prints, of course) hung at eye level; where one could stand and study detail and color. The kind of paintings that make you want to try your hand with a brush or inspire you to pick up a pen and write it's story.
Most of all, I want a place, separate from the busy household, where one can find sanctuary in a book. A place where noisy music is not allowed, conversations are hushed, and the sounds of a scratching pencil, the tapping of a keyboard and the turning of a page dominate. It is the first room planned in our Someday House.


  1. my dream house too...first things first- a library- walls lined with built in book shelves...oh how I long for a functional house- not a big house just a functional house- my house is about 1800 sq feet with basement and I could see us filling this house up...I really don't want a bigger house- too much to do- but I want a functional house- storage to the max and a place for everything- good flow, good feeling, space for traffic, place for fun...and of course a place for MUSIC. Next to the library is a place for Music- a room to let the creative music juices flow- not a 'the center of attention room', but a room where people can go for light conversations and music entertainment....someday- the music room will probably be lined with book shelves as well...books as your finger tips in every direction...oh isn't it fun to dream sometimes????

  2. I am salivating at the mouth just thinking about it. Any decently library worth its salt absolutely MUST have a ladder. Otherwise, how are you supposed to ever break out into a musical number, and have someone push you around as you sing at the top of your lungs with one hand outstretched as you fly past all those other library goers who don't seem to notice you are singing!

  3. I have a someday house too. I have drawn up the rough layout and I find myself day dreaming about the details of each room. I find discarded decorating magazines and cut out pictures of things that make my heart sing. Things like a faucet that all you have to do is touch it and it turns on. Oh the simple things. My house has a library/music room too. Perhaps someday we will be able to visit each others has become a reality house. Here's to dreaming.

  4. I, too, long for a huge library... and a for real water fountain. So many cups. (oh, though we don't know each other, I'm likely to comment on many of your blog posts... hope you don't mind!)

  5. I love the pictures & the concept of a library.

  6. LOVE this library idea. Also, you might like Small Space, Big Style, a show on HGTV. I also have a fascination with small homes. I think it has to do with the formative years spent in a dorm room followed by nearly 10 years of studio apartments. Small is good. Less to clean.