Friday, July 3, 2009


I just helped my daughter shave her legs for the first time.



  1. What!?!? How old is she? I honestly can't remember when I started shaving...10 maybe. Wow!

  2. Wow! I first shaved my legs when I was 10, nearly 11. It was for 5th grade graduation. I did it without my mother's knowledge, and when the blade was gunked up with hair and soap, I used my finger to try to clean it. Ouch! I still have a scar.

  3. I know! It seems like 5th grade for me, too. She was born HAIRY and the past six months or so she was beginning to be more and more embarrassed by it. The timing was right last night so I gave her a lesson. (Trying to avoind Brandi's experience.)