Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things I Enjoy Cleaning

  1. Sweeping sticky rice
  2. Jello that has been sitting for a couple of hours--it gets a nice, tough skin on the top
  3. Any age of Cream of Wheat; if it's fresh, it sticks to everything, if it's old, it is now part of your table . . . for the rest of eternity
  4. Koolaid anywhere, but especially from the upper lip of a child
  5. Honey! This is a favorite because you get to clean the area over and over before it's no longer sticky
  6. Have you ever tried sweeping beads? Super fun!!
  7. My third pod continues to believe that there are chicks inside our Albertson's eggs. She "nests" them all over the house. Sometimes they are slept on or stepped on. Serious delight for any cleaner
  8. Marshmallows
  9. The gunk that collects in the kitchen sink drains
  10. Behind the toilet (I asked my son once, "Do you try to pee in the toilet or just at the toilet?)
  11. The casings of windows that house not just dirt and household dust, but dehydrated bugs that fall apart when touched with a rag
  12. An obvious favorite: poo, snot, and vomit; talk about party time
  13. Chewing gum out of hair and carpets
  14. Petrified Cheerios
  15. Carmel that leaked out of the upside-down bottle and coated the bottom of every bottle of A-1, mustard, tarter sauce, Hershey's syrup and soy sauce in the fridge
  16. Magic Marker or fingernail polish

What are your favorites?


  1. I LOVE all those things too! How weird that we'd both love to clean those things so much!

    I'm showing this post to my husband, who is the biggest Cream of Wheat culprit. He doesn't understand (though I've tried to explain a million times) that if he doesn't rinse his bowl, it'll be stuck there forever.

  2. HAHAHA! I have corners in my basement that I have not seen in 20+ years. They don't count I suppose.

  3. forgot to two year old sweetheart snuck into mom's nail polish today and "painted" her toenails. Red and pink on tile, sink, clothes, and feet are wonders to clean!

  4. Ok, so this is STILL cracking me up! I had to add, try cleaning toilets when you have 5 boys in the house peeing AT them! It's lovely.......

  5. I love cleaning the carpet after a gallon of milk has been spilled on it.

    Also love the cold cereal that gets left in the bowl and dries to the edges.

    Smears from a bloody nose on a pillowcase.

    Cleaning small toys out from under the fridge and stove.

    Around the edge of the jam jar if it hasn't been clean up, which it never is.

  6. A recent favorite of mine was the leaking bag-o-weevils that once was something related to pasta or rice in the back of the tallest cupboard in my kitchen. Those weevil shells are a cinch to clean up as they float around the surface you're wiping up. Funny post!

  7. Thank you for the laugh. It's funny, when you become a Mother, you never realize all that comes with it. Over the years it makes for good memories of 'remember when...'
    I thoroughly enjoyed cleaning up projectile baby poo from a 3 week old. I had no idea babies had that ability.

  8. Great post - I thought you were serious for a minute. I am kind of slow.

    * Sharpie 2x2 poster marker from carpet
    * A smoothie of Blue Gatorade, bananas, & barf from my bedroom carpet
    * Melted popsicles off the front of the ice maker in the freezer
    *Slimy vegetables from the "crisper drawer"
    * Thawed meat juices from the refrigerator

  9. My favorite is cleaning out the shower drain, nothing is as delightful as slime full of hair, especially when you know that only SOME of it was once yours.

  10. OMG, this is FUNNY!

    When U-Kid 1 was little, she once got ahold of a Sharpie marker when no one was looking. Brand new light-colored carpeting. Major drama all around.

    Turns out that shaving cream works. (who knew???)

  11. Shaving cream? No way! Hopefully I will never have to try but just in case...