Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Whirring Around In My Head

As if the children didn't give me enough about which to worry

(eating the raw cookie dough, climbing onto the roof of the garage, jumping off the roof of the garage, falling out of the bunk beds in the middle of the night, learning to look both ways before crossing the street, neighbors yelling profanities, swimming pool drains,accidental internet pornography, choking on carrots/marshmallows/hot dogs/balloons, exposure to drugs, mean friends, crashing a bike into an impaling tree branch, windowless white vans, eating the Comet under the kitchen sink, am I completely screwing them up in our home school Great Experiment, washing hands after sneezing/petting zoo animals/attempting to change the baby's diaper by her five year old self, large furniture tipping over, uncovered hot tubs, vicious dogs)

my baby has learned how to open the front door--the one that leads to the streets.

Yes, that is a battery she is holding.


  1. k9 is great for internet/porno safety!

    Sorry about babycakes learning how to open the front door - that is unfortunate!!! Your front door looks like it's pretty close to the street too! We had to put a chain at the top of the door so the kids could not let themselves out (or anyone else in).

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck.

  3. Isn't unbelievable - all the things we worry about. Some people may call it paranoia - I call it motherhood.