Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have nearly one hundred pictures of children reading; either to themselves or to a younger sibling. I can't resist it. It is a beautiful thing to see my child loving a thing that I so dearly love.

When we returned from our recent trip to Wyoming, I realized I have a weakness for something else: backsides. I have no great explanation. We went to a rodeo while there, but didn't get shots of animals. I got shots like this: There is something about the unity, the walking toward the same destination, the striving together for a joint goal.Maybe the attraction is in the fact that the subjects can't see the camera, don't know that they are being watched. From behind one can catch them in an unposed moment. You get the unadulterated reactions. And, without too much sleuthing, one can catch best buddies,

being together,

by choice.

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