Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Bit More

Just a few more things about the water park. Besides almost losing my daughter, we had a really great time on the slides. During the week, it only cost $20 for a family pass . You can even bring in your own food and drinks. That and the zoo membership ($50 for unlimited visits for the whole family and includes several other zoos for free or reduced price) are the best deals in town. Much better than the movies.

They got a couple of new slides this year which means I only saw our son when he was hungry. Our two older daughters could ride the slides unassisted, which meant they were busy running up the stairs, waiting in line and sliding down repeatedly. This is a relief because the five year old is always trying to drown herself in the pool.

Just a note. It turns out that it doesn't matter how skinny your toosh is, you still have the "curse of the slide" issue.
Poll: What is the best way to take care of this problem? Do you lean up onto your shoulder blades while still in the slide? Get out and remove suit in one fluid motion? Get out and pretend like you don't have a lot of spandex stuffed in your wahoo? Skip the slides altogether because it is just too embarrassing?

And also, to clarify, he gets those abs from me.

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  1. One solution to the swimsuit in the wahoo? Board shorts. Looks like fun! Our waterpark is pricey & there's one small slide & they let in 50 million people & run a daycare at the pool. Count yourself lucky!