Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Some people, I am told, have children who do not climb. In my view, that means I have exceptionally talented children. You see, they all climb.
Very well.

Very a lot.

Take this darling creature.She is a bit of a dare-devil so we decided she would like to go down the less-scary slides at the water park. They only allow one person at a time on the slide, so I sit her down and push her off. The first part of the slide is enclosed so I can't see her, but in a moment she came into the light. She is going slow. She is going too slow. She stops.

Now, I don't know about you, but I have tried to stop a few times on those things. I have burned my knees on the plastic sides and broken fingernails as I claw at the tiny ridges along the sides hoping that if I can't stop, maybe I can slow a little. There are times when I am praying that the earth will end because I need to stop going down the slide. But, now, when my three year old pod is sitting far, far away from my protective arm, she figures out how to stop.

"Oh, no," I say to the 16 year old life guard, who looks a lot like Ron Weasley, "She has stopped!"

"Huh?" he enthusiastically declares.

"My daughter has stopped in the slide and . . . OH, NO!! SHE IS CLIMBING OUT!! What should I do??" I figured they had some kind of protocol for this situation.

At this point, to give him credit, Ron Lifeguard Boy stood up. Big, big gesture, and thank you for it.

The man behind me, obviously a father who understands the need for quick movement during a time when a pre-schooler is CLIMBING OUT OF A 30 FOOT WATER SLIDE looks at me and says, "Just go!" I did. I wrapped my arms about her as I went flying past because, even though my daughter's life depended on it, I couldn't stop in the middle of the slide.



  1. Whoa!!!!! I am glad that she's okay. Hopefully Mr. Lifeguard Boy will have a different job next summer.

  2. Very frightening! What cute pictures of her. I couldn't fully appreciate "the climber" until now. But I definitely fear more for the safety of Cannon than I did the others.

  3. Scary!

    We probably won't be able to stop in on our way down (we're driving through the night and I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate us ringing the door bell at 4AM) :).

    HOWEVER - are you coming the reception in blackfoot on Friday night? We are actually staying at a hotel in Pocatello and will get in early afternoon to get the kids a quick nap. But we'll be heading to Blackfoot around 6pm. Hope you're coming!

  4. By friday I mean NEXT friday the 14th :) - the tail end of our 'vacation'.

  5. Those dang slides are pure evil.

    It seems I remember when you tried to kill YOUR mother on one.

    Just say "No" Emily... just say"No!"