Sunday, August 2, 2009


I was so tired my head buzzed. I laid in my bed and felt my body thanking me for the respite. The baby was still awake, but she often will fall asleep if we lay her between us. None of that mercy tonight. She crawled over my head, poked her fingers into my ears, tried ripping my eyelids from their thin connective tissue, blew sopping raspberries onto my cheeks and neck and otherwise generally tortured me. I could feel my body screaming GO TO SLEEP, but I could also sense trouble.

Soon another child joined the bed to show us the back of her head. "Oh, it's covered it hair!!" I lamented. "I know. It's so hurts," delivered with the cutest doggone face that there was no resisting the dart oozing with the Darling poison.

Uh, oh. I sensed it again: trouble, in the form of a second wind.

Another interruption from the plethora of child-sized options; this one requiring me to get up and physically inspect the mom-is-the-only-one-who-can-help-me-now calamity. Took care of said calamity.

And did some dishes.

And some laundry.

And some bookkeeping.

It is now midnight. I am exhausted, but wide awake. Can't take drugs, I still nurse too much. Warm milk just makes my mouth taste disgusting in the morning. Don't really want to take a warm bath. My bed already faces north (or is my face supposed to face north?). He's asleep, so that option is out.

Typing this post is starting to make me drowsy.

Boy, aren't you lucky to have wasted your 48 seconds on this drivel!

Love you, anyway. Wish I could give you a new mixer or camera or custom sling.



  1. Ugh! I feel your pain. Friday night I was awake. I read a book, did a few Sudoku puzzles, caught up on reading a lot of missed blog posts, waited in the dark to fall asleep. Finally, at 5:30 a.m. I dozed off for a few hours before having to get up. I hope you get a nap!

  2. Not to, erm, overshare, but in my experience, they don't usually mind if you wake them up for *that* option. ;-)

    (kicking shoe into dirt and not making direct eye contact, but kind of smirking)

  3. Ha, ha! You are right. What was I thinking??!