Friday, August 21, 2009

My One

We were holding hands and driving in a contented quiet. He gently stroked my hand with the pad of his thumb and I looked over at him. Here he was; my partner and friend, not looking for a romantic moment or trying to get my attention. He was just there--and was making sure that I understood that he knew I was there. My heart was filled and I said, "You are my favorite person in the world. I would choose to spend time with you over anyone."

"HEY!!" roared the back seat occupants. "What about US?!!"

"I like you, and all, but this (gesturing to their father and I) is the most important relationship on Earth."

Passionate dissension.

"Daddy and I are sealed together for eternity. You will always be our children and we will always love you, but I want you to leave someday."

More passionate dissension.

"I hope when you leave, you find the same kind of satisfying marriage companion that I have found. You will not love your mother more than your spouse, if I have done my job right."

I don't know if they got it,

but they will.

I gave them a Snicker's bar to help heal the wound.

I'm a good mother like that.

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