Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Hobby

Pulling a chair away from the table and climbing onto the table. Once there, she kicks and pushes everything off. It doesn't matter how tightly the chairs are tucked into their places or how closely we are watching, she is up there in a matter of moments. It also doesn't matter what she is pushing off (glasses, bills, sewing machine (I saved it just in time), full pots of oatmeal; you know, whatever). If it is on the table, she assumes it was left for her snow plow practice. Isn't she the cutest one year old ever?


  1. Starts with T
    and rhymes with rubble

    She is absolutely adorable.

  2. She is the cutest one year old ever! I miss her!!

  3. That definitely makes it hard to get things done when you have to keep such close tabs on a one year old. I speak from experience.