Thursday, August 13, 2009

To My Brothers In-law

Dear Derek and Kevin,

Regarding your recent visit:

As you know, my husband (your brother) and I have been working very hard on this little cottage of ours. It has been four years of sawdust and Lowe's and the smell of paint. It has included sore fingers and backs and egos. It has meant neglected dinners and piles of laundry, but it has resulted in, what we consider a comfortable, efficient home for our ninety-two children. Neither of us are a notch above amateur do-it-yourself-ers and our work, I'm sincerely afraid, reflects our novice. Both of you know how smooth the wall should be or how level the lines should sit AND YET you were encouraging and complimentary. You have no idea how wonderful it felt to hear you kind words and your helpful hints.

I'm still convinced that I got the best the Sanders' Family had to offer, but you two are quite remarkable contenders.

Thank you, thank you. And come again soon.


PS By the way, this goes for you too, LesLee.

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