Monday, August 31, 2009

Unveiling the New Plan

My three year old just said, and quite nonchalantly, I might add, "Mom, I think there's a buffalo in the house." Okay. Good to know.

Second topic: I'm sure you are sick of my thinking-out-loud type searching I have been doing over the past several posts concerning home school. (This is a total sidebar, but is it home school or homeschool? I see it written homeschooling and home schooler. Are these made up words? I personally go back and forth as I try to please both camps. Does it show our complete inability to raise educated children if we don't even know the correct way to write our educational approach? Thank you for not responding.) No matter how bored you may be with my current train of thought, it is my current train of thought and refuses to be derailed or halted by any size herd of buffalo. (See how I tied that in to the random piece of information supplied at the beginning of the post? Sometimes people mistake me for one of the Bronte sisters. Except that I had a normal childhood. And I think I've outlived them all.) After all, this is my blog and what good is the thing if I can't write down my mental forays?


Based on a great deal of study, prayer, discussion and thought, we will be making some serious changes to the way school is carried out in our home. We decided that we are not doing such a bad job at home and the pros were far too heavy to just toss aside. When I stepped into a teacher supply store for the first time in my homeschooling (home schooling) journey, I did choose fifth grade work for my fifth grade student and third grade work for my third grade student. These workbooks were chosen in areas which I think the children are the least proficient. It was remarkable to me to see their level, especially considering I have never had what most people would recognize as "school" in my home. That is about to change. Here is the current Sanders' family educational model (until we try it out tomorrow and find that it simply will not work with our numbers, tempers, or moods):

  • Monday will be a preparatory day. Heavy cleaning, teacher training, shopping and general organization will consume this day of the week.

  • Tuesday and Thursday will consist of the Language Arts (a new term for me!). We will improve our grammar and penmanship. We will write stories and act out plays. In time, we will add a foreign language.

  • Wednesday and Friday will be our Math and Science days. We will blow things up and discover the how and why. We will figure and deduce. We will memorize and time.

  • Every day will include recess and family and individual reading time. I believe heartily in computer time, so that will also be included in every day's schedule. Every day will include chores and every day school will end by 1 pm, leaving plenty of time for unstructured play.

  • Each child has a place for their own things. We have a sticker chart and incentives (they've never had to deal with deadlines, so I think it will be best to lead them gently into "time's up!").
Tomorrow is the first day of school and everyone is excited. The clothes are laid out, the pencils are sharpened, the Mom has her oomph back. I'll keep you posted.

And, if you need to get a hold of me, I'll be at work until 1.

Love forever,

The Mothership


  1. Emily----totally want to have a long phone call! I have wanted to respond to your homeschooling posts, but have been too busy prepping for "back to school" here too! I need your phone number---I am still old fashioned when it comes to a good talk with a friend, I still like the phone!

  2. Sounds fun, workable, exciting & exactly what homeschooling/home schooling is supposed to be. The buffalo? He must from Yellowstone, right?

  3. Sounds like a plan. Doesn't it feel good to be heading the direction you want to go? I think making the plan is 3/4 of the battle.
    Good luck. Keep us posted!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and journeys through your home schooling adventure. I am planing on home schooling so it is good to hear lots of real thoughts about it.