Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding Spirit

I've discovered something about my third child--the one named after me (for good reason). She would be the perfect Wedding Pep Squad Captain. She has always been a fancy sort; likes to wear dresses, wants to keep her hair long, could always go for another bow. The morning of the wedding I explained that my husband's nephew was getting married and that we were going to go to the reception.

"What?" she declared. "We're going to a wedding? Will there be flowers and dancing?"

"Yep," I assured her, surprised at her enthusiasm.

"Oh, Mom! Is there going to be a wedding cake?"

"Of course."
"Will someone say, 'You may now kiss the bride'?"

"Are they just sooo in love?"

and on and on and on. Question after question all day. Everything she had ever heard or seen about weddings was suddenly bursting out of her memory. She glowed as if she were the bride. I showed her the invitation, knowing the bride understood this five year old's sensibilities--they are both a little fancy, it turns out.
When it was time to get ready, she didn't balk about wearing tights. She put on pink chapstick and said, "Mom, do you think the bride is just going to Love my lips?" She came back a few minutes later with her pockets stuffed full. "I put tissues in my pocket in case I cry. People always cry at wedding because the bride is so beautiful," she explained matter-of-factly.
When we arrived, it was almost too thrilling. She signed the guestbook in her fanciest curly cue letters. She gaped at the tent, the pretty desserts and the cascading flowers. And she met the bride. The groom wasn't mentioned, though I might add that my daughter decided a long time ago that her future groom would be John from Texas. We do not live in Texas. We do not know a John anywhere near her age. She is immovable in her conviction.
When it came time to dance, there was no waiting. It took some convincing to get her to wait until the traditional bride and dad/bride and groom dances were finished. And then? Then she asked her cousin Blake to dance with her. Now, Blake just returned from a two year mission for our church. When I say he just returned, I'm talking two days earlier. For those of you who have known returned missionaries, they are weird for a little while. They've been living a life completely dedicated to the work of God for the past two years. They aren't used to talking about normal things, sitting by girls or being alone (they always have a companion with them in the mission field). Miss Fancy was a good first dance.
The bride, Whitney, was the highlight of the event. Whitney really was beautiful and so kind to the little adoring girls. My older girl got into the spirit of things, too. Who couldn't, with such a capable Cheer Captain?
When the bride asked if she wanted to hold the bouquet for the pictures, her ecstasy was complete.
Everyone needs to go to a wedding with a Wedding Pep Squad Captain. I haven't enjoyed one this much since it was my own.


  1. So fun!!! At the last wedding we went to Jared asked the bride to dance. :) I especially love the picture with the flowers.

  2. This is the cutest post EVER! I love how she is just glowing & beaming in every picture, so so so cute!!!

  3. This is such a treasure of a post! She has so much personality. I love her facial expressions in each picture.

  4. It was so fun to see you guys. Your kids are getting so big and were so CUTE. It was really fun to see your darling home too. You're an inspiration. Loved the new pillows!