Sunday, September 6, 2009

David Did Win

My people have a hard time sitting still and being quiet during church. We meet at 12:30 pm. This is a problem for many reasons: it is nap time, all subdued behavior of the morning hours has become the restless behavior of afternoon, and the building is hot. Not only are these factors adding up to a miserable bit of time, but then we ask the children to sit reverently and listen to the meeting.

Today, as I sat with my older children whispering and fidgeting, and my younger children crying and whining, a flood of thoughts entered my mind, I am completely failing. I must be a terrible mother to have raised such noisy, irreverent children. What am I doing wrong? I suck at this. I hate church, this sucks.

By the time we went our separate ways for classes, I was not in Church Mood. I was in Foul Mood. I was in slink-away-and-lick-my-wounds mood.

But, I went to class because that's what I do. Thank goodness for habit. It is the only thing that saves a swamped mother sometimes.

Our instructor asked us to imagine that we were going to be in a battle. With advance notice of a major battle, what would we do to prepare? She gave us several quiet moments to really think so I played along. What would I want? First, I would want a spy, intelligence. What is the enemy's strategy? How much and what kind of weaponry does he have? What are his weak places? How can I defend against or completely thwart his plan? Second, I'd need to protect my vital parts (head, torso) with strong armor. There are other things, but those are the first two that came to my mind.

The lesson continued to address the topic of preparing for, and fighting in, a great battle for our souls. The wily enemy is Satan. As I recognized the self-deprecating thoughts of earlier were deceitful messages from the enemy, I came to realize that I do have a spy. I have a perfect spy and if I will listen to the quiet promptings of the Spirit, I will not be led astray. Rather the opposite is true; I will be able to defend against or completely thwart the plan of the adversary. If I'd just looked outside of my own misery and woe, I would have noticed every other mother wrestling with her children in their impatient afternoon bodies. I was deceived.

This mom gig is tough. I must ask for, receive, and respond to the intelligence given.
And I must have on my armor at all times, lest I am caught unawares.

"At times it may seem like David trying to fight Goliath. But remember, David did win."
(David B. Haight, “Young Women—Real Guardians,” Ensign, Nov 1977, 56)


  1. Amen! Sundays are rough for us too right now - we're at 1pm. Thanks for this. My feelings exactly.

  2. I needed that. I barely made it through Sacrament. You lift my spirits.