Monday, September 21, 2009

The Homestead Act of 2009

I have the answer for which you were searching!

There are serious housing problems in cities like Detroit and Cleveland. There are whole neighborhoods and large swaths of a zip code that are abandoned. The previous homeowners foreclosed or kicked the bucket or something tragic and the houses are not selling. Many of the neighborhoods have now been empty for years, since the market hit these areas harder than in other parts of the United States. Anyone who has owned a home knows how much upkeep a house needs. Constant repairing of the drippy faucet, nailing down the wind-blown roof shingle, removal of a downed tree, and fresh paint to protect the siding are necessary to keep the house's value. These empty houses are falling into accelerating disrepair.

Crime is on the rise, abandoned pets are becoming vicious packs of dogs, and the cities are finding themselves desperate to find a solution. I have it!


We will give you a home if you clean it, plant flowers, repair the broken parts, and live in it for a minimum of three years. We may even provide some of the means whereby you can do all that is necessary, but you must get permits and you must meet reasonable deadlines. After three years, sell it and keep the equity (which will likely be re-invested in another home).

I predict several things will happen: Home Depot will sell paint and screws, General Electric will produce more US made refrigerators, local contractors will install siding and new windows, cement workers will lay new sidewalks, and nurseries will sell bushes. Eventually, schools will re-open, children will need dentists and socks, local property tax revenue will increase, parks will get their new slide and there will be peace throughout the land.

Or maybe I'll just go do the dishes.

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