Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sugar Booths

This morning our church had a carnival for the children. I think I'm screwing up pretty big. The first booth we visited was the cotton candy. The second was the candy treasure hunt. The third was the cupcake decorating and the fourth was the snow cone booth. After my children all of us were sticky, we visited the fishing, the bean bag toss, the hula hoop and the other booths.

One little girl was handing her mother her cotton candy with a, "I don't really like it." WHAT?? How can you not like cotton candy? Her mom looked up at me and said, "This is her first time trying it. We never get the kids cotton candy." I'm not sure how one lives a fulfilling life without cotton candy.

A few minutes later, another little girl was putting tootsie rolls into her mouth as fast as she could unwrap them. Her mother, wiping the sugar juice from her daughter's chin, explained, "You can tell I never let my children eat candy." Um, tootsie rolls is not candy, it is a food group. Ask Buddy the Elf.

At least mine ate their oatmeal for breakfast. Who's with me?


  1. My kids eat candy. The dentist is really nice & they love it when we show up. :) I personally dislike cotton candy but I'm the only one in the family. I think it's all about moderation - good stuff usually plus occasional treats.

  2. my girlies think the gummy bear vitamins are candy...

    no candy in my house either.

    Ice cream yes- every now and then

    cookies- maybe on Sunday-

    Chay buys and stashes candy when he's in a bad mood...- He secretly eats it out of rebellion I think- but I really don't care- but it's kind of funny to let him have his little sneaky thrill.

    although on my trip home from Spokane I did buy a box of junior mints and I was in heaven.

  3. I love chocolate and candy! So do my kids. We eat nutella (hazelnut/chocolate spread) on our pancakes and in sandwiches. I love it, but in moderation (every day).

  4. We eat nutella with the same definition of moderation - the daily kind! It's really yummy on crepes too.