Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teaching Resource, An Announcement

A little something has been brewing in my gray matter for the past several days. Any teacher knows that there is a lot of study that goes on behind the scenes. The teacher must have a firm grasp on any subject she is hoping to teach or she will simply confound the students and halt any promise of progression. In my role as home schooling mother, I have to study a broad range of topics, fact check and then organize the material in order to hand my children the information with first at the beginning and last at the end. I've decided to lend you my notes.

Introducing, The MotherShip Home Schools. Remember, Whether you are supplementing your child's classroom education, or are primarily schooling your children at home, we are all home schoolers. This blog offers simple ideas to help teach complex intellection.

It will take some time to fill up my archives there, but if you are patient, you are sure to get something helpful!

You will notice that, though Mother Ship is usually two words, I've made it one. For blogging purposes, the word is MotherShip. It's kind of like McKee or LeRoy. So that's that. However, the homeschool/home school question has been plaguing me for some time and I recently found this article that helped. While the English language seems to be morphing on the subject, I will stick to keeping the approach in question two words: home school, home schooled, home schooler, etc. Maybe it will become HomeSchool in a couple of years until the transformation becomes complete. I predict that in 2013 I will begin writing homeschool. . .

unless the Mayans are right and we're all outta here.

Anyway, please visit my newest endeavor. It is, after all, academia from the kitchen table.


  1. I love your new addition! We struggle with two hours of homework after school - so we will find plenty of use for the information!

  2. Beautiful idea! We're newbies at this, as U-Kid 1 "should have" started Kindergarted this year. I'm always interested to peer over the shoulders of people who have been doing it longer than me.