Friday, September 4, 2009

We Made It!

We made it to the end of the week. Each day the children had to finish their chores and their school work to get a sticker. If they got two stickers each day for the whole week (without missing one) they got to choose a prize. Oh, boy, did that ever work! I don't know if it always will, but for children who are not used to their mom saying things like, "You will have to finish that math page on your own time," and "School is starting in ten minutes and you won't get a sticker if your room isn't tidy," it worked like a charm. There was no passion behind my words, but there were always reminders that "you must vacuum" and "don't scribble it out, use your eraser." There was virtually no fighting and we got a lot accomplished. This afternoon we had play-doh and velvet pictures and happy, happy children. They did it; it was a big change and they did it. Now, Mom? Mom loved the new structured school time. There was peace in the house during that time; I did not answer the phone, I changed appointments so they wouldn't interfere, and I was prepared enough that school time was not stressful.

The rest of the day is another story. It will take some getting used to. School uses up a lot of time and mornings are usually my most productive time. The afternoons felt like a scramble to get all of my work done, phone calls returned, and books read. I will not get my book club book finished this month, for instance. Also, I am tired. The first time I had to work an eight hour shift, I thought I would die. It didn't take long before I could even work tens or twelves without too much trouble. I'm sure getting used to our new schedule will be sort of like that. By 8 pm, I have been a grumpy mess. I even used a swear the other day--something I NEVER do. Really, never. I'm very careful about my mouth, which shows how thin I was stretched.

Final assessment? School was great, but The Mothership did not do so hot at balancing the rest of her life. I will make a few minor changes (kids to bed earlier, require less of myself) in the coming weeks.

And, by the way, Project Runway is back. Yippee!!

How is school going for your family?


  1. We made it through the week too! The first two weeks always seem like we are being stretched thin to fit back into the schedule---but it gets smoother. My younger ones have been asking if they could do "more school" in the afternoon. Crazy, but true. We flop our week opposite yours--school Mon-Thurs from 8-12 or 1, and Friday is clean the house day, sew a quilt day, mow the lawn day and all day chores and projects.
    I think that I accomplish so much more with a rigid schedule, otherwise it can be noon and I haven't done anything, or can be on the phone ALL morning.
    So.......we made it. Thank goodness for weekends!

  2. Sounds like you're doing great! My kids are loving school, except Ryan keeps having kids poke him with pencils (& leaving marks).