Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why Are They Always Nazis?

Today I read in the paper that the Tea Party goers were Nazis because they __________. A couple of days ago, I read that Obama was a Nazi because he ____________. Dick Cheney is a Nazi, Nancy Pelosi is a Nazi, Bush is Hitler, Clinton is Hitler, the old people and the young people and the gays and the Mormons are all Nazis--because they don't agree with those on the other side.

Really? Really, really, really? Aren't there any other bad guys they could make synonymous with the Democrats or the Republicans?

How about Stalin? He was arguably an even badder dude than Hitler. He killed way more Jews, homosexuals and guys that disagreed with him. Don't forget about the millions of Russians.

Then there's Alexander the Great. Great? Was he great? 'Cause it seems like he just destroyed his way through Europe and Asia and didn't care much how many people were in the towns he torched.

Next time you need to critique Hillary, how about comparing her to the Countess of Blood--you know the chic that liked to bathe in the blood of young virgins?

There is no shortage of pysychopathic bad guys. Jack the Ripper and Jeffrey Dahmer don't even hold a candle to Robespierre, Caligula, and Attila the Hun. They were so freaking wicked that you could use their names to describe Glenn Beck.

My point is that if you don't like a person or a belief they hold, let's see if we can't be more creative in our name calling. I'm just bored with the whole "Nazi" comparison. It was only an effective critique when Elaine used it.


  1. I love the Soup Nazi!!!!

    I don't think the Nazi comparisons are so much relating to the destruction one might cause (deaths, gas chambers, eugenics) but more of their political BIG government...

    Hitler was actually really liked at one time- his ideas came right at the right time Germany was burning money to stay warm due to a crumbled economy and I think it is really smart to study history and compare philosophies and belief systems of all politicians- it is actually really fun to take leaders from the past and present from this country and others and compare them to what the founding fathers believed- it makes some of the leaders look really silly...

    I ask the question "would Thomas Jefferson agree or disagree with this policy of Stalin, Napoleon, Bush, Obama? And then prove it with some awesome quote, writing, or whatever from Thomas Jefferson- it is a great way to figure things out for ourselves-

    sorry...I really miss Seinfeld- thank goodness we have The Office...

  2. Take into account the fact that Thomas Jefferson spoke a lot and wrote a lot over a long period of time. You can find a TJ quote to support most of your ideas.

    And most bad leaders come at a time when people are uneducated and broke. There is still a large pool from which to choose.

  3. well I was talking about the time of Thomas Jefferson's life during the making of America and his thoughts on a true republic and such. Thomas Jefferson was a pretty interesting fellow as we all know- he was always "questioning with boldness" and so he had some interesting venues of thought-

    but I just rely on what scripture and prophets have said about the framers of United States- TJ wasn't even there during the writing of the constitution but I believe in their mortal capacity they were directed by God to create what they did- and so when any other approach of government goes against what these men believed, I always use the original ideas and thoughts of that time as a foundation so to speak and compare them to different forms of government and compare them-

    I am really fascinated with the trend in this country right now and how we have steered so far away from what was once believed. I really feel that we are in a time of great speed of transformation...history is being made...scary history- right before our eyes.

    The whole Nazi thing is kind of funny- everyone is a Nazi if they are extreme in any one way of thinking. I call Joette the Organizing Nazi- she is always so neat and orderly.

    History is destined to repeat itself though however- and never exactly- but the want of power will never be satisfied- so it is wise to keep check on Government Leaders and their motives. Hitler was extreme...but his want for power and government control is actually quite common around the world- and could sneak in our back door if we aren't careful.

    So in my mind it is ok to see comparisons between Hitler's policies and President Obama's. Far between and barely there- there are some comparisons. The Nazi's were called the Nationalist Socialists. So....

    oh and by the way, since I have been home, I have come in contact with so many people who homeschool- and their attitude is so positive and uplifting- it has been really inspiring. I really admire you Emily. Spokane has so many resources for homeschoolers- wow. Very convincing.