Friday, October 9, 2009


***Warning: Disturbing image below.***

My three year old was playing outside. She had this in her mouth. It was not mine.
You have never seen a woman move so fast. You have never seen a child swish so much mouthwash.
No one ever told me about these kinds of parental tragedies.


  1. I AM SO SORRY! I hope I never get to experience that! My son did tell me that when he was five he found a partially full beer bottle in the alley; he was curious about what it tasted like and took a swig. Who knows what was on that bottle- or in it. Back wash is bad enough, but BEER backwash- Yuck!
    Just think of all of the rain/snow we have had lately;maybe it had been washed a few times.....right?

  2. I know, I keep hoping that too--that it was out there being "washed" for a while!

  3. those look like mine...Kotex- they're my favorite brand.

    Sorry Emily. But it is kind of funny...

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! ... they're my favorite too.