Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Example of the Difference Between Boys and Girls

My husband recently asked our two oldest pods (8 and 10) to write him a Halloween story. Then he went to class. It happened to be Language Arts day, so I thought his assignment would be a perfect opportunity to teach some writing ideas. To practice brainstorming, I had them do the web thing.

In the middle, I instructed that they write Halloween Story. I then explained that they weren't to write the story, but to just come up with a slew of ideas from which to choose. They loved this activity and kept busy for quite some time.

Later that day, I had a chance to look at their work. The sweet girl wrote pumpkins, candle, trick-or-treat, candy, ghost, sheet, holes, witch, pointy hat, black cat and scarecrow.

Then, I picked up the boy's work: ax, blood, haunted house, werewolf, demons, massacre, poison, dead zombies, scream and the like.

He does not belong to me. He must belong to his father.

I will not be reading his final work.

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  1. Sometimes a glimpse into their little minds brings wonder and delight. Sometimes, it pokes out our own mind's eye. Never know which way that pendulum's gonna swing around here...