Monday, October 19, 2009

Seeing the Results

I cleaned under the fridge and range today. It is a job that has been on my list for, like, two years. It began because something we needed fell behind and I figured, since I was back there, I would do the dirty work.

It is such a satisfying job. I yank and pull and push and drag to get the range away from the wall. Then, the washing begins. I wash down the wall--greasy dust is a cinch! The cabinets next to the range always offer glued on surprises that I get to scrub and scrape. Dust the back of the range, sweep, and generally dispose of all surface dust. Now scrub and scrape at the random, non-recognizable dried pools of a former food substance. The walls, the cabinets, the floor now sparkle so that you can almost hear the *ting* as the light refracts off the surfaces.

Repeat the process with the refrigerator. Add to the job the vacuuming of the vents and coils.

I yank and pull and push and drag the heavy appliances back into their places and take a deep breath. I am sweaty, and kind of out of breath. I have a dirty mop head and gray rags to prove that I have just done a hard job.

Then, looking proudly at my completed work, I realize that YOU CAN'T TELL. It's all covered up by a range and a refrigerator.

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  1. Sometimes it's just about knowing it's clean. Kind if like when you get a new bra; you don't need to have everyone see it to feel good, you know for yourself how good and clean you feel.

  2. I does matter because you know, and I know and dancing queen knows and well, everyone who reads your blog knows. Good Work, Emily!

  3. You clean out from behind your appliances and you're not even moving?!? I don't get it. In fact, I'm trying to decide if I know you well enough to type "I hate you!" Hmmm. Probably not. But you're making me look bad! Same to you other commenters. Been there? Not I. Knowing it's clean matters? *shrug* I'll agree, X gets the square, with the comment: "Good Work, Emily." But that doesn't mean I'll be cleaning out behind my appliances any time soon. (Phew!)