Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too Slow!

Grandma recently sent new outfits to all of the children. My happy baby was about the cutest thing on this planet in her Old Navy jeans and I wanted to capture her adorable-ness on film.(Well, not "on film" anymore, but how do you say that in digital terms? On memory card?) Now we have a real problem. There is no standing still for this 16 month old delight of a girl.

No. Standing. Still.

We're talking climbing,
and maneuvering,
but not standing still.

I put her down, run several paces back and try to snap the picture before she gets to me.

Remember that game where you hold your hands out for someone to slap them, then jerk them away at the last fraction of a second? "TOO SLOW," you'd jeer. We were playing something like that.

This shot? Nope. Not even close.
Got the jeans here, but she was attacking me so the camera went down at the last second.

Can you see the absolute delight in her naughty face? She is thrilled with her game. (And, oh my gosh. Don't you want to pick her up and squeeze?)

In the end, though. The MotherShip won. This is an important rule for all children to learn: Mom will always win. She is also always right. Another thing, Mom's know everything (picture Woody turning his head and speaking in that creepy voice) so play nice!

I'll have to try again for the tush. That was the cutest part of the jeans.


  1. It's like herding cats sometimes, isn't it? I have video of the Urban Kids as toddlers. It's all of a sweet little girl walking right up to the lens, then footage of the floor/cabinets/chair legs as I explain how the camera works. *sigh*

    Still, it's a sweet stage, isn't it?

  2. adorable
    love the pictures