Saturday, October 17, 2009

Your Parents' Music

My daughter really, really, really wants an MP3 player. Really, really. She won't stop bugging us about it, but . . . Christmas, it turns out, isn't until December.

Anyway, the other day, my husband wasn't using his (which he often uses for recording lectures) so he let her listen for a while.

Next thing I know, I see her dancing all around the house with big head phones on. "I LOVE The Eagles," she exclaims--the name of the band she only knows because it is emblazoned on the display in bright blue letters.

She was dancing a with a little less vigor for the next song. On through Christopher Cross, Joe Jackson, and Hall & Oats, she listened, with her dancing and be-bopping becoming more and more sluggish. By the fourth or fifth song, she was sitting on the couch with a concerned look on her face.

"Dad has weird music," was all she could say.

Led Zeppelin and America didn't really speak to me when I was eight.

Should I tell her that even though he's been in the news a lot lately, this was a pretty big part of my childhood?
And that, though you can find these new at Claire's, they are actually twenty-five years old?

Yeah, get used to it. You're parents' stuff is comin' back!

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  1. You know what else is back from back in the day? Those banana hair clips. They're just as weird looking too.

    Oh, and at Ariel's graduation party her boy who-is-a-friend at the time was sporting a bright, was it green?, top and tight tight black jeans that tapered at the ankles. The kind we used peg back in the day.

    When you think about it, Michael Jackson died right when his hey day style was making a come-back. Except for the one white glove.