Thursday, November 12, 2009

Despite Demon Mommy

I will not go into the minute to hour ratio of trashing their rooms (minutes) to cleaning them up (hours). They can work so fast in one direction and painfully slow in the other. I will spare you the tactics, the rewards offered, the threats levied, the begging that commenced to get the rooms cleaned. I will leap right to the part where Demon Mommy came roaring onto the scene. Actually, we'll skip that part, too. I'll just tell you that Demon Mommy found the most effective way to get a room clean is to eliminate all toys and most clothes. Each child now has three basic outfits and no toys. She didn't go so far as to bring the bags to the Goodwill, but she did make the stipulation that all must be earned back.

Somehow, Demon Mommy missed a few random toy parts. This is what her children were playing with today.

It would be pitiful, if it weren't so tragic.

Work, slaves, work! And you will have actual dolls to put in those molded dresses.

Though, I have to say, I think Demon Mommy has been foiled.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You brought me my first chuckle of the morning!
    I love "Demon Mommy". I can't wait to visit with her soon. We can swap our control tactics!

  2. They never let us win! But I do love their creativity in times of desperation.

  3. I love it! Have done that before---all the toys, GONE! And I think that I am about to do it again!!!!! I have one room that just can't seem to get clean lately!

  4. Very creative! I think I may have to copy your methods.