Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Got the Climbers

Yes. Yes I did. (Please notice the book on the back of the toilet is forcing her to stand right on the edge.)Wish I could say this was an unusual occurrence, but finding a baby on top of something precarious is all too common around here.

No. It is not a boring house. If you are in need of entertainment, you are welcome any time. Also, it will make you feel better about the job you are doing because you are surely doing it better than me. Oh, well.
We are happy.


  1. That's what I feel like sometimes----aaahhhh! What are you doing up there????? You could come here for some entertainment Emily. Then you would be reassured of the normality of your household! Love from another mother of many.

  2. Is she holding a light-saber? It would seem in character...

  3. No need to worry until you notice the razor she is holding has sharp edges and actual blades. Otherwise, she's fine.