Thursday, November 5, 2009


First read this:
Now read this:

For years I have called this store Apostrophe. I think I never really looked at the word, I just glanced and saw apostrophe instead of aeropostale.

It certainly wasn't my fault. Let's blame it on my mind.


  1. Aahhhh, you're fine! Heck, Urban Dad can't spell his name out of a paper bag (kinda weird for an English teacher, huh?). His response when I point something out is always, "you know what I mean!" And now, I guess I see his point a little better. Besides, that name *begs* to be called Apostrophe!


  2. That was supposed to be "WAY out of a paper bag."

    Yeesh. Now I'M doing it!

    (hee hee)