Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some Things

  1. My baby is officially weaned--and my breasts hurt.

  2. I look forward to one day hiking without a child in the backpack.

  3. I think it's weird when Jews put out Christmas CD's.

  4. My great-grandma's direction to roast a turkey in an oiled paper bag delivers THE BEST turkey. Every Time.

  5. The pods and I can now sing about six rounds. We have begun working on harmony.

  6. I miss singing with my siblings in the car.

  7. I dislike drinking out of plastic cups.

  8. The little holes in my shower head are plugged by calcium or lime or something. The water pressure that screams through the three unplugged holes can rip your skin off.

  9. It gets to this point at least twice a year.

  10. My family sang "Happy Anniversary to You" on our machine. Who does that? I adore them.

  11. I think about baby names all the time.

  12. I love my small house.

  13. Our children are loud and high energy. So am I.

  14. A friend has his children step on baby wipes to wash the floor. They play "Pippi Longstocking" as they push the wet wipes all over. I'm totally stealing his idea.

  15. Use your pizza cutter to cut the pancakes or waffles for your seventeen children to drastically reduce the time taken to prepare breakfast.

  16. When I was a Senior in high school, the only vehicle available to me was a 15 year old twelve seater van. A gallon of milk had been forgotten under a seat in the middle of July. It exploded. The van never relinquished the smell. Also, a can of gasoline had tipped and spilled. That van reeked.

  17. I never thought I would want a twelve seater van. Oh, how far I've come.

  18. I'm a terrible speller and it causes me a great deal of grief when my spell checker tags correctly spelled words.

  19. I'll write a real post tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. I like that hodge-podge post.
    Elinor and I have MAJOR upset tummies today. I'm hoping you all are healthy and that I didn't food poison anyone.
    Thank you for coming to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. It was delightful and memorable.

  2. Helpful tip...for your shower head. Pop it into vinegar and let it sit all will get rid of that build up. We have the same problem here in Europe and we do this once a month. :)