Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still Won't Play

I'm singing this song in Relief Society tomorrow. It is about how there are bad things going on all over the world about which I can do nothing, but I can help in my small sphere. It is quite beautiful. As I was practicing it today, I thought it really needed pictures. I spent some time filching pictures off people's Facebook pages and blogs to put in the slide show. I carefully timed each picture to match the lyrics I would sing. At it's completion, there were a couple of small things I would have changed if I had given myself more time, but I thought it turned out lovely. I saved it to a disk. The church has TVs on carts with DVD players so I figured I would just play it on my DVD player at home to make sure it would work there.


I fiddled and worked and downloaded.


I called my sister, my brother-in-law, my mom (who knows nothing about computers, but she would as least curse the computer with me), my dad, and even my niece in Hawaii.

No one was home.

I called a neighbor. He taught me how to convert files. I converted the file into four different formats.

Not one would play on the TV.

I went to the store in my slippers and without make-up to buy a different kind of DVD.

No beans.

"THIS IS NOT WORTH IT!" I hollered. "This was supposed to be a quick mouse click. AUGH!!" I stepped away for awhile. When I came back I decided to just play the song and practice singing. My son happened by and stopped to listen and watch the video.

"Oh, Mom. That was amazing."

I love my son.

I hate computers.

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  1. I just take my laptop with me to church & play things there. I am lucky that it has a big screen, but even with a smaller screen the idea of pictures & music together is lovely. Good luck - I'm sure it will be beautiful!