Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Best From 2009

I don't know if these are really my best posts, but they are the ones that generated the most commentary.

#1 Run It's Course? As I questioned the educational choices we had made for our children, I came to you seeking feedback. You came through in a big way and our school now looks a lot different because of it.

#2 Things I Enjoy Cleaning You all know how I adore housework. This post outlines my very favorite chores. (Make sure you check the comments to read about your favorite things to clean!)

#3 Mad, Mad, Mad! outlines my fury at the government handouts that began at the beginning of this year. Just a note, here. The CEO of AIG (which the government (I mean, We the People) bought out for $85 Billion) has opted to leave the company (with a multi-million dollar compensation package) rather than abide by the government imposed salary cap. Also, GM is getting a few Billion more to get them out of their "slump." Most of my news comes from NPR (notoriously liberal)--none of this is from Glenn or Rush. Just to validate my info.

#4 Friends was during a particularly hard moment in time. One commenter threw my own quote back at me, "Yes, just one suggestion: give yourself a break! We love you. And, good grief, we all have crap we need to change. It takes a life-time."

#5 Great to be Gross My son's 10th birthday. It was really gross.

#6 Thirty-two Years Ago, Today My mother's cameo appearance in which she describes my birth. We were in the paper.

#7 Thoughts on Shots I dared broach the subject.

#8 Wise Choice in which I philosophize about the importance of healthy friendships and highlight one particularly valuable friend.

#9 Danny Boy My Down Syndrome brother came to our home when he was still a toddler. My parents have adopted him and Zach, another Down's boy. These are a few thoughts about growing up with retarded siblings (and why I still use the word retarded).

#10 To the Busy Bodies where I gripe and complain.

#11 Newsy You get to read about the randomness in my life--and see my huge laundry pile.

Thank you for making 2009 fun to report. It makes me excited for next year.

Actually, I'm already excited for next year 'cause I like saying twenty-ten. Isn't it, like, waaay, more fun?

Happy New Year!!

The Mothership

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  1. Ooh, I can't believe I made a "best of list"! You had a good writing year.